Functions of a Notary Public

A Notary Public acts as an official witness to the identity of a person who comes before the notary. A notary is authorized to witness or attest a signature, administer an oath or affirmation, certify an oath or affirmation, take acknowledgements, and certify or attest a copy.

Functions a Notary Public Cannot Perform

No Notary Public, except those who are licensed attorneys or otherwise authorized to represent persons on immigration or citizenship matters, may hold herself or himself out as having expertise in providing legal advice on any proceeding, filing or action affecting the immigration or citizenship status of another person.

What is Proper ID?

A Notary Public identifies a signer by carefully examining the identification presented and comparing the signature the person has made on the document with the signature on the identification. The notary may also rely on his or her personal knowledge of the individual. Proper ID should include a photograph and a signature, such as a drivers license or passport. It is also considered sufficient identification if, under oath, a credible witness personally known to the notary publicly identifies the person.

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